WE ARE The In Crowd

Hello beloved interweb friends,

We hope everyone had an awesome summer, I know we did. Between tour, all the random one off shows, recording, and finally solidifying our line up it’s been a summer to remember. On top of that we have some REALLY big announcements to share with you soon… Expect a LOT of changes to be happening around these parts in the next month

…Which leads me to my next point- the name change. If you’re reading this, chances are you got our tweet saying that we’ve changed our name… Well it’s true! From this point on The In Crowd is now We Are The In Crowd! This might seem kind of sudden but we’re looking at it as kind of a blessing in disguise! We ran into a little legal trouble with the name “The In Crowd”, it was a little tougher to trademark the name than we thought so instead of crying about it we just changed the name! We’re really stoked on it, hopefully you guys learn to love it too! We’re still The In Crowd, you can still call us The In Crowd, we basically just made our name a little longer. We went through a lot of different variations of The In Crowd and decided to settle with this one because it’s the least confusing. We’ll still be selling our current merch, and we’ll still be playing all the same songs. Think of it as our formal name, like my full name is Michael U. Ferri, but people call me MikeFerri. I’m down with either, and so are we! Hopefully you’ll all stick with us and realize that no matter what we’re called we’re still the same people, and we’re going to continue to try to write awesome songs for the world to dance to.

Tay also made a video to address the situation, you can find it down there… below this sentence…

If anyone has anymore questions feel free to email us, tweet us, comment on our facebook, myspace, AIM (OMGitsTheInCrowd), or just leave us a comment here. We’ll be doing a stickam chat tonight at 9 EST tochat with you guys about everything thats going on. Lots of new stuff is coming, sooner than you think! Bear with us while we make a few changes, we promise it’s worth it!